Challenges That Small Business Owners Face

Are creditors threatening collections or legal action?
Are you behind in your taxes and worried how you will pay the CRA?

Farber’s Small Business Restructuring Team provides breathing room.

Learn How to Get Back on Track

At Farber, we understand the financial roadblocks that a small business may face. Let us help you deal with those debts and your business can succeed.


Stressed because your business isn’t making money? Struggling to cope with your company’s debts?

Our team will help you deal with your business debts and relieve your stress.

We listen and provide practical options for your small businesses so you can regain control of your life. For more than 40 years our experienced federally licensed professionals have given business owners protection from creditors and time for their business to recover.


Business owners often wait too long to address financial problems. The sooner you see us, the more options that are available to you—and the quicker you can reclaim your life.


It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and embarrassed as you worry about providing for your family, saving your business, protecting your employees’ jobs, and safeguarding your future. We can help.

Speak to a senior member of our Small Business Restructuring Team, or call us right now at (855) 416–DEBT.

Why Choose Us?

A Guarantee of Honesty

A Guarantee of Honesty

Being licensed by the federal government means we have the training and qualifications to provide an objective review of your company’s situation and are required by law to discuss all options available for you and your business.



Whether it is getting access to new lenders, negotiating a settlement with the CRA, restructuring, or winding up your business, we have more than 40 years of experience finding the right solution.

 running a small business

Over 50 Offices

We started as a small business too. We’ve grown to over 50 offices. Small businesses are the foundation of our communities—we want to see you succeed as well. We understand the pressures of running a small business and we’re experienced at relieving those pressures and creating breathing room—allowing you to recover and flourish.

Small business owners often feel alone and unsure of where to turn.

small business bankruptcy
We understand how unmanageable debt can put a burden on your small business. We understand that once you get help dealing with the debts, your business may be successful.

It is not uncommon for a small business to hit a bump in the road or to get into financial difficulties.

From the costs of starting up the business, to the loss of a major customer, expanding too quickly, problems with an employee, or not having the proper accounting system to understand costs, there are many reasons why businesses face financial challenges. Whatever the reason, small business owners often fear that financial difficulties mean that the business must close down or go bankrupt. This is not always the case.

A Proposal to Creditors is an option that allows a business to get legal protection from creditors and pay back a portion of the debts. Only a licensed Insolvency Trustee, such as Farber, can help your company file such a formal Proposal to Creditors. This allows the business to continue to operate under the control of the business owner. A Proposal is not a bankruptcy. For more information please contact us for a free consultation.

Am I liable for my spouse’s Business debt?

There are situations where a small business bankruptcy does affect the business owner. One of the situations would be when the business owner has personally guaranteed the debts of a company. Most banks, many landlords, franchisors, and some suppliers will require the business owner to personally guarantee the debts of the company. In these circumstances, if the company cannot pay its debts, the business owner becomes personally liable.

For almost 40 years Farber’s experienced federally Licensed Insolvency Trustees have given small business owners breathing room and protection.

Contact a senior member of our Small Business Restructuring team, or call us at (855) 416–3328.


For more than 40 years our experienced federally licensed professionals have given business owners breathing room and protection.


Speak to a senior member of our Small Business Restructuring practice, or call us right now at (855) 416–3328.

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